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Ronke Idowu Reeves is a writer and journalist who hails from Brooklyn, NY. Her news and entertainment stories have appeared on WABC-TV-New York, Fox News Channel, VH1, plus in Sundance Film Festival's Sundance Daily Insider and People Magazine.

The Song That Reduces Stress by 65 Percent

Feeling stressed out and don’t know what to do? Here's a song that can reduce stress levels by 65 percent, every time you listen to it.

Can’t Sleep? Election Could Be to Blame

Hillary or Donald? It’s a question that’s causing Americans to lose sleep, and it’s even giving Canadians nightmares.

New Acne Research Could Lead to New Treatments

A new understanding of the root cause of acne, specifically how we house the bacteria that trigger inflammation, could help to develop new treatments.

New Skin Patch Brings Relief to Peanut Allergy Sufferers

The patch works by releasing peanut proteins into the skin, a process that helps to build cellular tolerance to the peanuts.

The Sleeping Position That Could Help Fight Alzheimer’s

Sleeping on your side is a healthier position for your brain, and it reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, a study found.

This Anti-Aging Remedy Helps You Achieve Youthful Skin

This groundbreaking method of skin rejuvenation doesn’t require anyone go under the knife, apply any expensive creams or even leave their homes.