3 Bacteria-Zapping Products for the Home


Bacteria surrounds us. There’s no use griping about it because it can’t be avoided. This is not about the good, healthy gut bacteria that helps digest our foods. We’re talking about the frathouse of gross bacteria like E. coli, cholera, salmonella, strep and fecal matter. That germ gang and thousands more engulf us daily through our laundry, toilets, bedsheets, cell phones and paper money — yeah, you read that right — even our cash.

Washing your hands is only a good first defense in keeping you safe from illness. Hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays have quickly become the dinosaurs of the hygienic world. But to truly protect yourself it’s time to give your cleaning ritual an overall tech upgrade.

Here are three tech gadgets that all use UltraViolet (UV) light to zap germs and bacteria from essential, day-to-day devices in an instant.

1Zapi Luxe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

One of the dirtiest items in your bathroom is your toothbrush. The 10 million bacteria that can be found on it include E. coli, staph and listeria. That’s partially thanks to the germs propelled from the toilet every time you flush.

Violife’s Zapi Luxe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer can instantly zap the gross grime away. Just place your manual or electric toothbrush inside the cute, egg-shaped device, press the button, and in less than seven minutes a UV light kills 99.9 percent of bacteria. The Zapi comes with a lifetime UV bulb that’s good for 8,000 hours, which means you’ll never have to replace it. Three (3) double AA batteries are required.

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  1. Verilux CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand

From wipes to sprays, the daily quest to kill germs and funky smelling bacteria on surfaces like countertops, computer keyboards and even a baby’s room can get expensive and leave you overrun with products. What to do? Time to wave a magic wand.

The Verilux CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand destroys 99 percent of germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and flea and dust mites from household surfaces and fabrics. The all-in-one CleanWave Wand also kills H1N1 and E. coli, and features a built-in timer plus safety shut off guards to protect your eyes and skin against unwanted UV-C light.

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  1. PhoneSoap 2.0

How many times do you touch your cell phone in a day? Even if you don’t bring it into the bathroom with you like 75% of the population, the average phone is 18 times dirtier than a public restroom. Bacteria like staph, salmonella and E. coli gets ‘stored’ on our phones just as well as our contact numbers.

Enter PhoneSoap 2.0. It features two UV-C lamps that kill 99 percent of superbugs in only 10 minutes, AND it charges your phone at the same time. PhoneSoap’s unique acoustic audio outlet even amplifies your phone’s notifications and alarms while it’s being “cleaned.” Just place your phone inside and, when see blue indicator lights up, consider your device sanitized! PhoneSoap 2.0 can house standard size and large phones, credit cards and even paper money.

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