3 Eye Makeup Products That Will Make Your Life Easier


If you wear makeup, then you know how difficult it is to perfect winged eyeliner or get your fake eyelashes on just right. It’s hard, and no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch, it almost never turns out how it did in the video. 

Don’t give up on your dreams of a gorgeous winged eye with show-stopping eyelashes. There are innovative beauty products out there made just for you. Here are three amazing products (yes, they actually work) that will end your application struggles. 

1. Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliqués, $10

Credit: ViolentEyes.com

It’s your time to glitter and shine with Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliqués. These glittery wonders work just like those temporary tattoos you had as a kid, but the result is way better. They give you a dramatic yet precise winged eye every time.

Just trim the corner of the appliqué to fit your eye, peel the plastic off, wet the paper back and then apply the sticky side to your eyelid. Viola! You’re ready to hit the club.

Buy Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliqués here

2. One Two Lash, $69

Credit: OneTwoCosmetics.com

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of eyelashes to make you feel sexier. But putting on false eyelashes is not easy and it’s often messy. The glue can get all over the place, and it’s hard to get those false eyelashes into just the right spot on your eyelid.

One Two Lash changes the faux eyelash game. Small, magnetic strips are attached to two eyelashes for each eye. Just sandwich them onto your real eyelashes and the magnetic strips click together. Consider yourself one-two-lashed!

Buy One Two Lash here

3. The Vamp Stamp, $25

Credit: TheVampStamp.com

The Vamp Stamp is another game-changing product for perfecting the winged eyeliner look. Just dip or paint the rubber end with liquid eyeliner, position it on the corner of your eye and then stamp it on. Make sure you use the correct end for your right and left eye.

After, use your eyeliner to fill in the rest of your eye. Imagine having perfectly winged eyeliner that only takes minutes — the Vamp Stamp makes it possible!

Buy The Vamp Stamp here