Adhesive Shapewear



Shape Up — Revolutionary stick-on shapewear

Have you ever slipped on a beautiful dress only to notice that your unwanted giggly parts are peaking out and ruining your outfit?


Did you try to slip on some shapewear shorts or bodysuit, hoping that it will smooth things out, but it only created weird lines under your dress?


Then Shape Up might be the solution you’ve been looking for.


Unlike other shapewear that creates unwanted lines and could feel suffocating, Shape Up is an adhesive that comfortably smooths your giggly or bumpy parts, such as your hips, thighs, waist, or stomach.  


That means no more tight, uncomfortable shapewear undergarments!


Here’s how it works:


You see, since Shape Up is an adhesive, it can be applied to the exact area you need, comfortably lifting and smoothing.


The edges of Shape Up are thinner, so you’ll never see lines showing through your clothes.


And this innovative adhesive was formulated to stay on your body, no matter sweat or how much you move around.


So, it’s strong enough to stay on all night and gentle enough not to irritate most sensitive skin types.


Shape Up is lightweight — you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing it.


You’ll also noticed how much better your clothes — even that tiny dress — fit after using this lightweight, smoothing adhesive.


Shape Up is disposable, so you don’t need to worry about aftercare or keeping it clean.


So go ahead and give Shape Up a try — you might even throw away your old, tight shapewear shorts.