Botanical Biotics



Botanical Biotics

If you suffer from digestive discomfort… or you’re looking for a plant-based way to boost your metabolism…


Then Botanical Biotics may be just the solution you’re looking for.


You see, a healthy gut is the key to digestive regularity — and probiotics are a great way to keep your gut health in check.


Unfortunately, many probiotics contain lactobacillus, a strain of bacteria that helps your body digest lactose… And if you’re vegan, this is bad news. Because this one bacteria is actually animal-sourced — something most probiotic brands don’t tell you!


Because the truth is — most probiotics are not vegan… or if they are, they aren’t nearly potent enough to make a real difference.


Enter Botanical Biotics — the powerful plant-based probiotic that is 100% vegan. Made from a blend of kale and beet juice, Botanical Biotics combine the nutritional benefits of fermented vegetable juices with the digestive benefits of probiotics.


Here’s how it works:


Before every meal, take two Botanical Biotics capsules with a glass of water. From day one, the probiotic blend immediately gets to work — restoring your gut health and balancing bacteria.


After using Botanical Biotics, you’ll notice:


  • More comfortable and regular digestion
  • Less gas, bloating, and post-meal discomfort
  • Improved energy and better focus
  • Better overall health and wellbeing


With Botanical Biotics, you’re not just getting better digestive health…

You’re actually getting peace of mind — knowing that you’re giving your body the VERY best care possible.


So go ahead and give Botanical Biotics a try — so you can see a change in your digestive health for the better.