Dream Mask



Dream Mask

If you have clogged pores.. or you suffer from blackheads, blemishes, or breakouts…


Then Dream Mask may just be the solution you’re looking for.


You see, when we sleep on the same pillowcase every night, bacteria and dead cells can get trapped in the pillowcase fabric, causing buildup and contributing to skin problems. Protecting the skin on your face with the Dream Mask can prevent dirt and bacteria from clogging your pores overnight. Also, the all-natural ingredients in the side of the mast that touches your face help existing blemishes heal faster by giving them a bacteria-free environment…


Here’s how it works:


Use the mask starting ten minutes before you go to bed. Just peel the paper off the back of the mask and place the sticky side over your clean and dry face. Make sure you have positioned the mask in a way that feels comfortable, because it will be on this way for the entire night. After a full night’s sleep in the mask, simply peel off in the morning and dispose.


After using Dream Mask, you’ll notice:


  • Clearer Skin
  • Reduced Redness
  • Fewer Blemishes
  • Quicker Heal Time for Breakouts


You can use a mask weekly or even nightly, it is just as effective the first time as it is the 2048th time so you get clearer skin with each and every use!


With Dream Mask, you’re not just getting clearer skin…


You’re actually getting the confidence that comes with not having to hide your face with makeup during a breakout.


So go ahead and give Dream Mask a try — so you can see a change overnight.


Think of it this way…


Exposing your skin to skin-clogging bacteria every night could be what stands between you and your best skin yet.


So if you could change that… wouldn’t you want to?