Magnetic Lipstick



Magnificent Lips  — get perfect lipstick application with magnetic technology

If you have ever tried to put on lipstick — especially red lipstick — you know how difficult and messy it could be.


Getting the lip liner on first, making sure it’s perfectly even, then carefully applying the lipstick and trying not to smudge.


And then there’s the embarrassing moment you realized you had lipstick on your teeth all night…


So if you dread putting on lipstick or struggle with getting it right, Magnificent Lips might be the solution you’re looking for.


You see, Magnificent Lips is unlike any other lipstick available on the market today because it uses groundbreaking magnetic technology.


The magnetic technology ensures that you get perfect lipstick that stays on your lips for hours without smudging.  


After all, having that perfect shade of lipstick, flawlessly applied, is really what pulls together your entire look.


Here’s how it works:


Each set contains a sheer magnetic basecoat and a gorgeous, shimmering lipstick shade.


First, apply the sheer basecoat and make sure that it’s neatly on your lips.


Then hover the magnetized lipstick over the basecoat. The tiny magnetic particles are attracted to the other small magnetic pieces in the basecoat. Your lipstick will then go on evenly and perfectly, only sticking to areas where the basecoat is applied.  


Using Magnificent Lips means:


  • You’ll never need to use lip liner again!
  • Your lipstick will stay on for hours.
  • You’ll never worry about lipstick smudges again.


So go ahead and give Magnificent Lips a try — you’ll never put on lipstick on the same way again.