My First Bites



My First Bites

If you’re the parent of a new baby… and you’re looking for a simple, healthy way to introduce your baby to solid foods…


Then My First Bites may be just the solution you’re looking for.


You see, most store-bought baby foods contain a very limited flavor profile… and as a result, many babies don’t develop a full, complete palette.


My First Bites is the baby food delivery service that makes nutrition easy. Packed healthy, nutritious foods, My First Bites introduces your baby to solid foods that are tasty, healthy, and baby-friendly.


Here’s how it works:


Ordering My First Bites is easy! Simply fill out your baby’s Custom Profile, then select from the large menu of tasty solid foods. Choose your delivery schedule — and your package will be shipped the next day!


Best of all, your delivery schedule is completely customizable — so your shipments are totally up to you.


Simply choose your preferred frequency — anywhere from twice a week to once a month — and your food will come in a recyclable, insulated container.


Plus, each order comes with a Just-For-You Daily Guide to help you through every step of the process — which means you get all of the benefits, minus the guesswork.


Every order of My First Bites includes:


  • Nutritious, freezable pureed baby food
  • Just-For-You Nutrition Guide
  • Photo cards and recipe ideas
  • 3 free sample foods
  • Exclusive discount codes for future orders


So go ahead and give My First Bites a try — and give your baby the best food possible!

Brittany Artwohl

Brittany Artwohl has been professionally writing health, fitness and wellness-related copy since 2009. Her work has appeared in publications including, and Brittany holds a bachelors degree in Advertising and English from Northern Arizona University and has been a certified fitness instructor since 1997.