Nature’s Remedy: The Healthy Way to Brush


Nature’s Remedy: The Healthy Way to Brush

Before you reach for that toothpaste… you’ll want to read this.


When we brush our teeth, most of us don’t think twice before squeezing a drop of minty toothpaste onto our toothbrush.


But did you know that the majority of popular toothpaste brands are actually loaded with chemicals?


It’s true — and according to recent research, the tissues in your mouth have the fastest absorption rate of any tissue in (or on) your body…


Which means you don’t want to put just anything in your mouth.


Because whatever you put into your mouth — even if you spit it out — some amount of that substance will get absorbed into your bloodstream.


So chances are — whatever chemical ingredients are in your toothpaste… are going into the rest of your body too.


But here’s the good news…


There is an easy, effective way to boost your oral care without the use of harsh chemicals.


In fact, it’s a technique so simple, you can do it right at home.


So if you’re looking for the perfect way to get a clean, healthy mouth… an all-natural toothpaste is a great place to start.


You see, a toothpaste made from naturally-derived ingredients can help maintain strong teeth, while keeping them sparkling by removing stains with powerful essential oils, dead sea salt, and cleansing minerals.


In fact, a whitening toothpaste without tooth-weakening ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can actually protect your enamel over time…


Giving you a noticeably whiter, healthier smile — without the dangerous side effects.


So when it comes to choosing the right toothpate, here are some important guidelines to keep in mind…


CHOOSE products that are:


  • labeled with a full list of ingredients
  • free of harmful chemicals
  • made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients
  • dye-free and preservative-free


AVOID products that are:


  • full of hard-to-pronounce chemicals
  • not labeled with any ingredients at all
  • made with alcohols and dyes
  • filled with harmful toxins

In general, keep this rule in mind: if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you shouldn’t brush your teeth with it.

With all of the toxic ingredients on the market, it’s crucial that you do your research before exposing your mouth (and your body) to potential harmful products.

Your health depends on it!