What You Need to Know About Magnetic Eyelashes


Have you seen those magnetic eyelash ads on Facebook, floating around the Internet or elsewhere on social media? These lashes look like total game-changers when it comes to doing makeup. So the Vital Updates team did a quick Google search. Several companies claiming to be the original and best magnetic eyelashes turned up in the results.

Now we were really intrigued. We decided to order a bunch of different ones, ranging from $15 to $69.99. Here’s what we found.

One Two Lash from One Two Cosmetics. Credit: OneTwoCosmetics.com

Brand #1 — One Two Cosmetics®

  • One Two Lash® arrived first, and quickly.
  • Easy to put on and look very natural.
  • Made from synthetic fibers and hand-crafted in Southern California.
  • Safe to wear and Ophthalmologist Tested.
  • For $69.99 you get two pairs of lashes in a nice case.
  • Can be reused for three months, depending on how they are cared for.
  • Called to confirm their 24/7 customer service; spoke with informed, professional Lash Experts, as advertised on their website which also has a detailed How-to video.
  • Came with 60-day money back guarantee.
Trying the Vadazzle lashes.

Brand #2 — Vadazzle

  • Ordered one pair for $49.99.
  • Received product after two weeks in a plastic case, similar to glue-on lash products sold in drug stores.
  • Lashes look thick and chunky.
  • Four glued-on magnets look like white pebbles that are very visible.
  • Have a blurry How-to video on YouTube that was hard to understand.
  • Called their contact number but never heard back.

Brand #3 — Shop Focallure

  • Paid $39.99 for just one pair with no guarantee.
  • Product was never received.
  • Product pictures make it unclear as to which type of lash you’re actually getting.
  • No contact phone number, just an email form.

Brand #4 — Supreme Trends

  • Ordered one pair of lashes for $25.
  • Product never arrived.
  • Website link no longer exists and their lash product was taken down entirely.
  • No refund given; likely a scam.
  • Emailed but received no response.

Brand #5 — Choicest1

  • Ordered one pair of lashes for $14.97 over a month ago, but never received this product either.
  • No product guarantee.
  • Manufactured in China and drop shipped, meaning they don’t have lashes on hand but rather make orders as they come in. This means high wait time.
  • No contact numbers found for questions or support; definitely no Lash Experts.
  • Website used pictures and copy from One Two Cosmetics® website.

So, which is the original magnetic lash? After some research, we discovered that One Two Cosmetics® holds the patent to this technology and is in the midst of several legal battles with these other companies. Choicest1, Supreme Trends and Shop Focallure were reported for infringing on One Two Cosmetic’s magnetic eyelash patent as well as for image and copyright issues.

Our final verdict? One Two Lash® is the original and best lash. Katy Stoka, the inventor of One Two Lash®, created the world’s first and only lashes with this micro-magnetic technology. One Two Lash® was born from Stoka’s search for great lashes that looked classy and chic, but were also easy to wear.

From the product’s outstanding quality to the brand’s impeccable customer service, One Two Cosmetics® continues to beat out the other magnetic lash offerings across the board.