Nightly Fresh Pillow



Nightly Fresh Pillow

If you have oily skin… or you suffer from breakouts, blackheads, and clogged pores…


Then Nightly Fresh Pillow, a pillowcase with tear-away layers, may just be the solution you’re looking for.


You see, when we sleep on the same pillowcase every night, our dead skin cells and oils from our faces transfer to the fabric and build up over time, causing bacteria to grow on the surface you’re putting your face on every night.


Nightly Fresh Pillow allows you to tear away this oil-absorbing, biodegradable fabric layer every night, giving you a fresh surface for your face each sleep.


Here’s how it works:


The pillowcase has 14 thin layers of silky smooth, absorbent, biodegradable material that absorbs your skin’s oils without transferring them to other areas of your face. The layer is then ripped from the case each morning and the layer below remains clean until slept on. Each case is good for 14 sleeps.


After using Nightly Fresh Pillow, you’ll notice:


  • Cleaner skin
  • Fewer blackheads
  • Fewer blemishes
  • Even complexion


… so you get clearer skin with each and every use!


With Nightly Fresh Pillow, you’re not just getting a fresh surface to sleep on each night…


You’re actually getting an easy solution to clearer skin.


So go ahead and give Nightly Fresh Pillow a try — so you can see a difference overnight.


Think of it this way…


Sleeping on the same dirty surface nightly could be what stands between you and your best skin yet.


So if you could change that… wouldn’t you want to?