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Pocket Printz

If you have ever wished you had real photos of the good times youve had in your life, you’re not alone. With cellphones being the main way to capture moments these days, it is hard to turn these pictures into prints. Most printing services are quite expensive and also dont always deliver quality pictures. You could always bring an actual film camera but those are hard to find for reasonable prices and also can take up a decent amount of space. But what if we combined the latest technology with the convenience we’re used to in simply taking out your phone to take a picture to deliver you high-quality photos on the spot. If this sounds good…


Then Pocket Printz may just be the solution you’re looking for.


Here’s how it works:


Pocket Printz is a device the size of half a standard iphone or android and plugs into your headphone jack. You can print any photo and even still frames from videos you have taken just seconds before (or even years ago) and print them in under one minute each. The paper is stored in the compact printing device, so there is no added bulk.


An especially unique touch to this printer is the Pocket Printz app. If you print a still frame from a video or a “live” photo (like a GIF), you can use the app to view those prints to see the video come to life, even if youv’e deleted the video on your phone storage space.


With Pocket Printz, you’re not just getting a printer…


You’re actually getting a whole new way to bring photo prints back into your life.


So go ahead and give Pocket Printz a try


Think of it this way…


Expensive or time-consuming printing could be what stands between you and your best memories yet.


So if you could change that… wouldn’t you want to?