Polyphenol Sugar Scrub



Polyphenol Facial Scrub — The “Powerhouse” Facial Exfoliant

If you have dry, flakey skin that cracks and peels… you know how difficult it is to find an exfoliating scrub that is both gentle and effective.


Often, the exfoliating scrubs sold on drugstore shelves are far too abrasive — leaving your skin damaged and red, instead of soft and smooth.


After all, these scrubs are packed with harsh exfoliating ingredients that do more harm than good… and if you have aging skin, this can make you appear even older than you actually are.


So if you’re looking for an exfoliating facial scrub that is both gentle and skin-nourishing…


Then Polyphenol Facial Scrub may just be the answer.


You see, this advanced age-defying scrub contains gentle exfoliants that “buff away” dead skin cells and nourish the skin underneath…


Leaving your face looking smooth, radiant… and healthier than it has in years.


Here’s how it works:


Polyphenol Facial Scrub is scientifically formulated to gently smooth away dead skin cells — giving you a softer, more hydrated look and feel. Next, the polyphenol blend absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin —  so you begin to notice the restorative effects right away.


After using Polyphenol Facial Scrub, you’ll notice:


  • Visibly smoother, softer skin
  • A glowing, radiant complexion
  • Fewer visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • A dramatically healthier skin texture


… so you get a major confidence boost with each and every use!


With Polyphenol Facial Scrub, you’re not just getting smoother, healthier skin…


You’re actually getting a total age-defying transformation!


So go ahead and give Polyphenol Facial Scrub a try — so you can see a more confident you today.