Probiotic Gum



Easy Digest Gum — A probiotic gum so you can chew your way to a happy gut

Person doing bubble with chewing gum on bright background

Who doesn’t love delicious food? But sometimes the aftermath of an indulgent meal can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated.


So, if you’ve ever felt uncomfortably bloated, gassy, or backed up right after a delicious meal, that might be your gut telling you that it needs more probiotics (good gut bacteria).


And remembering to take a probiotic supplement every single day can be daunting — especially with all the other things going on in your life, it’s hard to remember.


That’s why Easy Digest Gum might be the solution you’re looking for.  


Easy Digest Gum is a fast acting and refreshing chewing gum.


You see, many people carry chewing gum around with them — it’s just something that’s always on hand.


And it’s often the first thing you reach for after a meal.


So why not make your chewing gum work double duty — freshen your breath and help you digest?


Afterall, eating your favorite foods doesn’t have to mean that you feel bad after.


Here’s how it works:


Just by chewing Easy Digest Gum, good gut bacteria is released and metabolized by your stomach. That means you’ll feel the probiotics working much quicker.


This gum also has a refreshing spearmint flavor, so you might even forget that you’re getting your daily dosage of probiotics.


After using Easy Digest Gum, you’ll notice:


  • Less uncomfortable bloating.
  • Smoother and easier digestion.
  • More energy
  • And of course, fresh breath!


So go ahead and give Easy Digest Gum a try and see the difference in your digestion yourself.