The Science Behind the Chocolates That Combat Fatigue and Stress


Chocolate. It’s that delicious tasty treat we all love and enjoy. Biting into a really good piece and having those intense flavors engulf your tastebuds can transport you to another place.

But chocolate is also high in fat and calories, and the food industry is constantly changing it to make it do more for us. There are diet chocolates and others that suppress your appetite. The problem with many of them is that their funny aftertaste reminds you they are not real chocolate. And there’s no enjoyment in that.

Real chocolate is all about rich, delectable flavor. Wouldn’t it be great if someone came up with a really delicious chocolate that could actually help to boost your energy and help you get through your day? Or one that works to bring relief when you feel stressed?

Welcome to Addictive Wellness Chocolate. These innovative chocolates have a rich, scrumptious flavor yet contain no dairy, sugar, gluten, nuts or gmos. Addictive Wellness chocolates are vegan and still taste sweet, thanks to birch xylitol. The ‘wow factor’, life-changing ingredients are a wonderful mix of superfoods and Ayurvedic and Taoist super-herbs that have energizing or relaxing effects.

Addictive Wellness Energy Chocolates

There are a trio of ingredients within the Addictive Wellness Energy Chocolates that help to give your body a boost.

Astralagus plant. Credit: NIH/NCCIH

The first is the Chinese mushroom Cordyceps, which naturally helps to improve stamina and athletic performance in the body. It does this by boosting the body’s energy supply while exercising.

The root Astragalus, also from China, comes from a perennial plant in the pea family and works by boosting the immune system while protecting the cardiovascular system.

The last ingredient is Mucuna, a creeping vine found in India and also parts of Africa and the Caribbean. It supports a healthy nervous system and improves energy and endurance in the body.

Addictive Wellness Tranquility Chocolates

Ashwagandha plant. Credit: Hari Prasad Nadig/Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The calming and anxiety-reducing Indian herb Ashwagandha is one of the main ingredients in Addictive Wellness Tranquility Chocolate. Studies have shown the healing properties of this botanical include combating stress and reducing depression.

Reishi is the second main ingredient behind these special chocolates. This woody flavored fungus is used to help combat insomnia, reducing stress and preventing fatigue.

Finally, He Shou Wu, a tonic herb and mild sedative that originates from China, has been known to calm the nervous system.

So there you have it — scrumptious chocolates that naturally enhance your life without sacrificing one morsel of taste. This is Addictive Wellness Chocolate.

How Do I Buy Addictive Wellness Chocolates? 

Both the Energy and Tranquility chocolates from Addictive Wellness are available to purchase at New For You. Click the link below to get a taste of the chocolate that makes you well!

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