This ‘Beauty Vitamin’ May Be the Key to Better Hair


When it comes to shopping for a new hair vitamin, picking the right one can be confusing.

Walk down the vitamin aisle — or click through any online vitamin shop — and you’ll see dozens of products all claiming to fight hair thinning and loss and to give you healthier, stronger, thicker hair.

One vitamin you’ll probably start seeing repeatedly is biotin, also known as vitamin B7.

Biotin supports the growth of hair on the inside of our bodies. Hair is made of protein, and biotin helps with amino acid production — which is the building block of proteins. So biotin helps to support healthy hair through the growth of hair at its very core.

Kim Kimble Biotin Gummies.

After looking at several hair vitamin choices, we ultimately came across a fantastic one — Kim Kimble Biotin 5000 Gummies. Not only did these vitamins have a familiar name attached, but also one with a reputation that’s synonymous with great hair.

Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble, a 20-year coif veteran who counts Beyoncé, Shakira, Mary J. Blige and Oprah Winfrey among her celebrity clients [she created the super Afro Oprah donned for the September 2013 edition of O Magazine], agrees that biotin, also dubbed ‘the beauty vitamin’ can do the body a lot of good.

“Biotin is really great for hair and overall for strengthening and growing hair, skin and nails,” says Kimble, who is also the owner of Kimble Hair Studio in West Hollywood, California. “It’s a key nutrient that plays an important part in keeping those areas of our bodies healthy.”

Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble created the hair health-boosting gummies.

This is why she developed Kim Kimble Biotin 5000 Gummies. These delicious, strawberry-flavored gummies offer both a burst of fruity flavor and a good amount of biotin to help support beautiful hair, skin and nails.

“I am also one of those people who believes that hair care starts all from within. And what you put into your body really reflects you on the outside,” says Kimble. “A lot of times, we’re not able to eat the right food that gives us the nutrients and my vitamins are here to supplement that.”

Tired of the chalky consistency and sour aftertaste that can sometimes make taking vitamins a stomach churning experience, Kimble thought a gummy would be the perfect, enjoyable supplement for those on the quest for better hair.

Kim Kimble’s gummies are strawberry flavored.

“I like chewable and liquid types of vitamins. Truth of the matter, it’s my preference,” admits Kimble. “Gummies are fun to take and I wanted to make my vitamins as pleasurable for people as possible. “I’ve had a lot of people and clients who call, email, tweet and text me about their experience and hair growth [with biotin].”

Today, the creator of Kim Kimble Professional Products feels like she’s made a definite connection between her hairstyling empire and the world of hair vitamins.

“All of my clients that I’ve given them [the Biotin 5000 gummies] to are using them because of how easy they are to take.”

How Do I Buy Kim Kimble Biotin 5000 Gummies?

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