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Danielle Tarasiuk is a multimedia journalist based in Los Angeles. Her work has been published on AllDay.com, Yahoo! Sports, KCET, and NPR-affiliate stations KPCC and KCRW. She's a proud Sarah Lawrence College and USC Annenberg alumn.

Laughing Gas for Labor Pain? It’s Making a Comeback

Almost a century after falling out of popularity, laughing gas is seeing a comeback in the United States in the delivery room.

Weight Loss Surgery Gives Bigger Heart Benefits to Women

Women who underwent weight-loss surgery were at lower risk of heart disease than men who had same procedure, according to a new study.

Post-Election Stress? Try These 7 Foods To Keep Calm

As soothing and as tempting as it may seem, downing a pizza or a bag of chips might actually make your post-election stress and anxiety worse.

Exercise May Combat Work-Related Stress

New research shows exercise may help combat the harmful impact stress has on someone’s health, specifically when it comes to stress brought on from work.

World’s Most Venomous Snake Could Hold Key To Pain Relief

Scientists believe the blue coral snake, dubbed the “killer of killers,” might hold the key to developing powerful painkillers for humans.

Global Warming Is Threatening Wine Production

Wine drinkers may want to start rationing their daily dosage of Merlot. According to a new report, wine production has dropped due to global warming.

Nail-Biting Might Actually Be Healthy For Children

Parents who can’t get their kids to stop biting their nails might rest a easier knowing these habits could protect their youngsters against allergies.

Lack of Sunshine, Not Rainy Days, Brings the Blues: Study

Rainy day blues could be called lack of sunshine blues, according to a new study, which found that lack of sunshine is to blame for some emotional distress.

Stubborn Belly Fat? Try Adding Canola Oil To Your Diet

Adding canola oil to your diet might help shrink stubborn abdominal fat in as little as four weeks.

Sunscreen Can Erase Wrinkles, Study Shows

Sunscreen is essential when it comes to protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, but it can also reverse the signs of aging.

Flavored Spray Could Help Kids to Swallow Pills

Not being able to swallow pills can potentially stop kids from taking life-saving medicine. A sweet flavored spray could be the answer.

Is The Sugar Industry Misleading You About Diabetes?

Studies funded by the sugar-sweetened beverage industry have been designed to mislead the public about how harmful sugar can be, a new study suggests.

Plastic Surgeon Explains His Breakthrough Treatment for Damaged, Cracked Feet

Dr. David Watts is not the kind of plastic surgeon you might see on TV — he doesn’t do tummy tucks or nose jobs. He does, however, reconstruct cracked feet.