Buying Guide: Our Top 3 Supplements For Thicker, Gorgeous Hair


We all want thicker, more luminous hair and strong nails. And there are hundreds of products available promising luscious hair and nails so strong and beautiful that they’ll even impress your manicurist. But which product should you pick?

Courtesy: Sasha D Butler/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

One important ingredient to look for is biotin — or B7 — which is an important nutrient for hair growth, strong nails and beautiful skin. Biotin’s amazing hair and nail benefits were discovered after it was used to successfully improve the brittle hooves of horses. Yes, horses. So, if it helped strengthen horse hooves, imagine what it could do for your hair and nails.

Another ingredient to look for is collagen. Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but as we age we have less and less of it. Collagen is a protein that’s good for many things, including youthful skin and healthy hair. By fighting off free radicals that can damage your hair, this compound can help restore your hair and increase growth.

Still not sure which supplement to pick? Check out our top three favorites:

  1. Kim Kimble Biotin 5000 Gummies, $19.99

Kim Kimble is the go-to hair guru for some of the biggest celebrities, including Oprah and Beyoncé. So, she knows a thing or two when it comes to achieving gorgeous hair. Her strawberry-flavored biotin gummies will give your body that extra boost it need to encourage healthy hair growth, stronger nails and luminous skin. Not to mention, they taste delicious! It’s like sneaking in a bit of candy every day without the guilt. 

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  1. Nouráge, $59.95

Nouráge’s ingredients are straightforward and full of vitamins and nutrients you may have already heard of, making this supplement totally refreshing compared to other products. It has all the essential hair and skin health ingredients, including cynatine keratin (a protein molecule), biotin, vitamin C, zinc and acai.

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  1. Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins, $25

These capsules have a unique blend of amino acids that help your body produce new collagen, encouraging hair growth and giving your skin that youthful glow. It also has niacin, which helps blood circulation the scalp, biotin and vitamins A, C and D.


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