12 Emotional Stages of Dieting: The Long Road From Hangry to Happy


We’ve all been there — you’ve packed on a few pounds and now you need to lose a bit of weight. There’s no way around it; it’s time to go on a diet. Similar to the various stages of grieving, these are the stages of dieting.

1. “I’ll start my diet tomorrow…”

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2. The dread just knowing that your diet is about to start.

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3. Finally starting that diet and feeling like a champ. “I got this!” is now your go-to motto.

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4. Then the hunger pangs kick in. Your co-workers and significant other are terrified of your hangry side.

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5. After a few hours of sticking to the diet and munching on carrots to ease your afternoon hunger attack, you are very much regretting your decision to diet.

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6. You know it’s getting bad when you start dreaming about pizza and cake.

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7. You spend all week meticulously planning your one, glorious cheat meal.

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8. Fending off people who want in on your cheat meal. No, you can’t just have a slice of pizza. Yes, I plan on eating the entire thing.

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9. The heartbreak that follows after you finish your cheat meal. You now have to wait an entire week for the next one.

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10. Again, why did you do this to yourself in the first place?

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11. Stepping on the scale, seeing that you’ve dropped a few pounds and feeling like a champ all over again. Totally worth the pain.

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12. Celebrating the new, healthier and slimmer you. Go ahead, strut your stuff.

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Okay, so now what?

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