This Doctor Just Created a Slimming Chocolate


There’s been a steady shift toward incorporating the mantras of health and wellness into the overall health industry. Much of this is based on eating good food and exercising to stay well.

The trend promotes healing through a mind-body connection instead of quick fixes; for example, the Ayurvedic medicine of India promotes the use of herbs and special diets, versus popping a pill to treat an ailment or illness. It’s extremely beneficial when you come across a doctor that truly marries the vision, passion and purpose of natural medicine with traditional Western medicine.

Dr. Lee helped create the new brand of slimming chocolates. Credit:

Dr. Amy Lee is one of those doctors. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Monroe, a town outside of Seattle, Lee’s family embraced traditional nutrition.

“I was brought up on Asian cooking, which included a lot of ingredients that may not be ‘mainstream’ in the U.S. My mother used a lot of herbs and plants that aren’t sold here in the states,” remembers Dr. Lee.  “A great example of this is goji berries. We consumed them daily as a kid and now, goji berries are marketed as a superfood.  It also reflects how we’re constantly going back to our ancestral roots for the best ways to prep and cook foods to sustain a healthy lifestyle.”

She later went on to become board-certified in internal medicine with a specialty in clinical nutrition and weight loss medicine.

In her Los Angeles-based practice, Dr. Lee guides her patients in lifestyle changes based on nutrition and dietary choices. A signature part of her care is customizing a diet plan that works with her patients on a personal level — all based on the specific data from their individualized health screenings combined with their goals.

“What’s fascinating about targeted nutrition and weight management is what it can do for my patients’ medical conditions,” says Dr. Lee.  “I’ve seen enough sick patients to know that the common denominator for most illnesses is an unhealthy diet and excessive weight.  So, why are we covering up the symptoms with medications when we should be treating the problem at the source?”

Dr. Lee’s Role at Nucific

Because she’s based on the West Coast, it’s obvious not everyone can enjoy the benefit of seeing Dr. Lee as their personal physician. But her focus in empowering people with smart supplement and nutrition choices led to her role as Head of Nutrition for Nucific. The company provides natural, ingredient-based, innovative supplements designed to enhance your body and keep it at its peak performance.

“I’ve realized that, as a physician, I have the skill set and credibility to educate my patients about the best diet to be on and what health products actually work,” says Dr. Lee. “I chose to join Nucific because I support their mission to create affordable, effective health products.”

Nucific’s products include BIO-X4, a weight-management probiotic, and Dr. Amy’s Bone Broth, a high-protein slimming bone broth. They also have Deep Cell Activator — a supplement that zeros in on the stomach to shrink excess belly fat by activating key fat-burning enzymes. Their Antarctic Krill Oil offers an alternative to the usual omega-3 fish oil supplementation by incorporating the crustacean, which is absorbed more easily by the body.

After developing a variety of supplements that help to improve your body from the inside out, Dr. Amy Lee and the Nucific brand are combining two ideas that are usually an oxymoron: slimming and chocolate.

Nucific Slimming Chocolate Supplements

The idea of diet chocolates are far from a new concept, but many previous incarnations were often plagued by lack of flavor. In lieu of dairy, fat and sugar — the perfect trifecta that makes chocolate taste so delicious — many companies pumped their dietary chocolates with artificial ingredients that gave them a chemical-like sweetness.

Nucific Slimming Chocolate Supplements were developed to change your idea of what diet chocolate can do for you. Chock-full of delicious flavor, they’re made with 70 percent cacao. The chocolates come in four flavors: original, coffee, orange and mint. They’re sweetened with xylitol, an all-natural, sugar-based sweetener which has 40 percent fewer calories than sugar.

Best of all, these chocolates may help you control your appetite. In addition to the fewer carbs you’ll be consuming thanks to the xylitol, all Nucific chocolates are packed with a proprietary herbal blend that consists of bitter melon, green tea and white kidney bean — all natural ingredients that can help you lose weight.

It makes perfect sense that such a product would come from Dr. Lee, whose professional focus has been squarely on nutrition and weight management through nutritional medicine.

“Everything you eat has to make nutritional sense,” says Dr. Lee. “These tasty chocolates help satisfy your daily sweet tooth in a healthy way.” Nucific Slimming Chocolate Supplements are an extension of the tenets Dr. Lee stresses in her practice: good health, proper nutrition and overall weight management.

“I would say this product is for chocolate lovers like me who who want enjoy sweets every so often without wrecking their diet in the process,” says Dr. Lee.