Ford’s New Crib Simulates Car Rides to Put Babies to Sleep


For babies — and many adults — few things put them to sleep faster than the rumble and hum of a car ride. But for some fussy babies, a soothing car ride is the only thing that can put them to sleep.

Credit: Max Motor Dreams

Now, Ford has built a crib designed to stimulate the experience of riding in a car called Max Motor Dreams. The Max Motor Dreams looks like a sleek, retro-inspired bassinet from the outside, with a large Ford logo stamped on the side.

 Engine sounds emanate from underneath the soft, cushioned area where the baby sleeps. The crib gently rocks side to side and vibrates, stimulating the sensation of a moving car.

The rim of the crib is lined with LED lights that turn on and off, mimicking the experiencing of driving under streetlights.

The crib also comes with an app that tracks your car’s route, so it can reproduce the movements for your baby.

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Credit: Max Motor Dreams

White noise and gentle, repetitive movements remind babies of being in the womb and as a result are naturally soothing, according to some experts. Earlier this year, industrial designer Yves Behar, pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, and MIT engineers created a similar crib called the Snoo. The Snoo automates rocking and white noise that soothes babies and retails for $1,160.

For now, the Max Motor Dreams cribs is mostly conceptual, with only one crib that’s been produced. There is no available pricing, but Ford España is running a contest where one lucky person can win a Max Motor Dreams crib if they test drive a Ford Max car.