This Innovative Pillow May Prevent Sleep Wrinkles


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Some of us toss and turn at night looking for that perfect position. We often fumble with our bedding by folding it in half or piling it high just to get a good night’s sleep. And many of us wake up feeling tired, haggard and looking less refreshed. The answer isn’t a sleep aid, and the problem isn’t you or your bed — it might be your pillow.

“Traditional pillows are causing you to age and they really don’t offer any support. If you’re a side sleeper, like most of us are, what you do is you go to the side and you crunch that pillow up,” Nurse Jamie Sherrill told the Home Shopping Network. “So imagine someone taking their hand and pushing it up under your face. You wouldn’t let them do that to you for seconds. Imagine someone doing that you eight hours a night, 56 hours a week, almost 3,000 hours a year and a third of your life. People don’t realize what is happening when you sleep on a traditional pillow.”

The Beauty Bear Pillow is uniquely-shaped and a favorite pillow among celebrities. Credit:

This led Nurse Jamie to create the Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow. Its innovative, 4-inch depth size and ergonomically designed shape improves the quality of your sleep by giving you proper spine alignment and supporting your lumbar area and neck. But the pillow is also the foundation of your beauty regimen because it combats wrinkles while you’re at rest.

Its U-shape cradles the face and neck, allowing you to sleep on your side without smashing the sensitive and wrinkle-prone areas of your face. Its smooth, satiny finish plays a part in the beautification process and is comfortable to the most sensitive and delicate skin types. It also comes in four pillowcase styles — midnight gray, leopard print, union jack and purple which add a decorative flair to any existing bedroom decor.

Side Sleeping Is an Aging Culprit

The two types of wrinkles that exist are dynamic and static. Dynamic wrinkles are also called expression wrinkles because they form from the repetitive movements we make with our faces like squinting, frowning and smiling. Static wrinkles are also known as sleep wrinkles because they are caused by poor sleeping habits and side sleeping.

Credit: Nurse Jamie/YouTube

The second favorite position for 15 percent of people is sleeping on one’s side. Despite this position’s health benefits and comfort — it stops snoring and is recommended for pregnant women — the physical act of side sleeping smashes your face into your pillow and contributes to the crinkling of your facial skin. As skin ages it loses elasticity and stops springing back to a wrinkle-free state.

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“I can always tell [which side my clients sleep on],” says Nurse Jamie who is also owner of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica. “Because over time those lines become etched. After 25 years of age the skin just doesn’t bounce back. We don’t have as much elasticity.”

The celebrity skincare expert and registered nurse even says the weight of our heads and our sleep position influences what kinds of treatments she provides at her spa.

Credit: Nurse Jamie/YouTube

“Your head is very heavy, it’s actually similar to a bowling ball,” she says. “And what I have to do at my spa are more fillers and freezers on your sleeping side. Imagine the weight of a bowling ball, that sheer force compression on that pillow.”

The web-like, creeping and crushing aging effect of the traditional pillow stretches far beyond your face; it can even spread to places like your neck and chest.

“It’s simple physics,” Nurse Jamie explains, “if you’re a side sleeper, think about the angle. The higher the pillow the more likely you are to create those neck lines. So it’s more than just the face. It’s the neck, it’s the decollate.”

Beauty Bear Pillow as Part of a Skincare Routine

Ultimately, having beautiful, youthful and supple skin is a combination of good genes and taking good care of your face. But using the best skincare products and treatments for your skin is only part of the equation for fixing facial problems like lines and wrinkles. The Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow is a part of the overall solution to creating a foundation of age-defying skin results.

Credit: Nurse Jamie/YouTube

“This pillow is the one tool that you need to support your great skin care. It’s the design, the fill and the negative space — which is on purpose,” says Nurse Jamie.  The U-shape part of the pillow is for side sleepers, and the large cut out area is for back sleepers. Her upgrade on the traditional pillow has gotten a great reboot itself into the world of memory foam and is available for $79 dollars, only $10 more than the standard Beauty Bear price point of $69. “I’m super excited to marry the science of the Beauty Bear with memory foam — it’s the Rolls Royce of bedding.”

Pillow by pillow, Nurse Jamie’s goal is to get more people to benefit from an attractive night’s sleep. “I want to help you get a more restful night sleep and a more beautiful night’s sleep,” she says. “Because it really does make a difference. I want to reinforce good sleep habits, not wrinkles.”

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