New Utensil Gives People With Disabilities More Control at Mealtime


Something as simple and mundane as lifting a spoon full of food into your mouth is quite a difficult task for people with mobility-related disabilities.

That’s where Liftware Level comes in. Liftware Level is a specially designed utensil to help people with hand tremors and other mobility conditions.

Credit: YouTube, Liftware
Credit: YouTube, Liftware

The Liftware Level has built in sensors that detect unintentional movements that could tip the utensils and cause spills. It also bends at the neck of the utensil, which allows for improved angling.

It comes with spoon or fork attachments that are specifically designed for people with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease and post-stroke mobility issues. The Liftware Level utensil runs on a rechargeable battery and can be used for up to an hour of continuous use.

The Liftware Level sells for $195 with just one spoon attachment. Additional attachments, such as the fork head, are sold for an extra $34.95 each.

That price tag may be a problem for many people with disabilities, who often lack access to steady employment. However, the creators say the the cost of the Liftware Level averages out to about 17 cents per meal, over the course of a year, and that the independence it grants to people with disabilities is well worth the price tag, Mashable reported.

Liftware’s first product, called Liftware Steady, has sensors that detect unintended hand movements and tremors. The sensors then compensate for them with complementary vibrations to keep the spoon level. Like the Liftware Level, it also retails for $195, with additional attachments available for $34.95 each.