These Silver-Infused Sheets May Fight Bacteria While You Sleep


The pillowcases and sheets on our beds are likely filthy, and it’s because we don’t wash them enough. In reality, most people wash their clothes more often than their bedding.  On average it’s believed that men change their sheets just four times a year while women wash their sheets every two and half weeks. But even that isn’t enough.

Be prepared to never look at your bed the same way again. According to Amerisleep, after one week pillowcases and sheets contain between three and five million CFUs (colony forming units) or colonies of bacteria, yeast or mold per square inch. In one month’s time, areas of sleeping spaces amass almost 12 million CFUs. To put that into perspective, pillowcases washed after a week of use have over 17 thousand times the number of bacteria as a toilet seat.

Silvon Sheets have antibacterial properties thanks to their silver-infused, cotton composition. Credit: Silvon Sleep/YouTube

Dermatologists recommend washing pillowcases every two to three days, but in this very busy world few people have time for that. Between work, chores and our evening social calendars, washing bed sheets likely won’t be a top priority.

Thankfully, Nick Paglia and Alex Szpakowski, the co-founding duo behind Silvon, had the brilliant idea to develop an innovative solution — Silvon Bedding Basics. The fabric of the pillowcases and sheets, infused with pure, natural silver, works to stop bacteria from growing on bedding. These magical, silver threads control the bacteria and are actually self-cleaning. In fact, Silvon sheets show a 99 percent reduction in pathogens from just the first hour of use.

How Silvon Sheets Work

Credit: Silvon Sleep/YouTube

For centuries, silver, which naturally occurs in the Earth, has been used as a purifying agent. Silvon applies these benefits by utilizing the element’s simple, natural chemistry. Silver carries a positive charge while bacteria carries a negative one. When silver gets attracted to bacteria, it breaks the cell wall and the bacteria is completely destroyed before it has a chance to reproduce. This precious metal is naturally oligodynamic, meaning it stops bacteria from growing.

Credit: Silvon Sleep/YouTube

The antimicrobial silver in Silvon’s pillowcases and sheets are woven directly into the fabric, so it will not wash or wear out in strength — these properties are permanently implanted in the fabric. After 200 washes this bedding is just as effective as on the first day of use. Silvon is even eco-friendly — because you can wait longer to wash these sheets, you can cut down on water and energy use.

High-Tech Yet Cozy

Despite the high-tech appeal of Silvon sheets — they employ the same antibacterial property technology used by NASA and healthcare facilities — there are no harsh chemicals used. Made with Supima cotton, the most durable and softest cotton in the world, the sheets are cozy and pliable. Supima cotton is also 100 percent homegrown in the U.S.A.

Silvon sheets are available in the minimalistic, sleek colors of Silvon Grey and Silvon White. The pillowcases range in price from $35-$120 dollars, and the sheet sets with pillowcases start from $150-$350. Silvon Bedding Basics will be available in March, 2017.

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