Wearable Device Allows Expectant Mothers to Track Contractions


Contractions are the tell-tale sign of a woman about to give birth, and now technology has provided a way for expectant mothers to have a better idea of what is going on inside their bodies.

Bloomlife has created a wearable device which pregnant women can use to track contractions and receive analytics and data regarding their pregnancy. Specifically, this device can measure and thus monitor contractions.

Image Courtesy: Bloomlife.com

With the goal of improving the health of expectant mothers and their unborn babies, this disposable device was created to gather data that has, until now, remained unseen. Prenatal health plays a very important role in fetal development, but it often goes unnoticed that the woman carrying the child has little knowledge of what is happening in her body. While textbooks and research can explain many things, it remains unseen to the human eye on a daily basis. With this wearable device, Bloomlife is looking to increase knowledge for pregnant mothers-to-be so that they can be more aware and hopefully receive answers to the many questions they may have.

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“When you’re pregnant, there’s all these questions and concerns that are oftentimes very difficult to answer,” said Eric Dy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bloomlife. “There’s a huge unmet need here for moms to get more information about her pregnancy, to help her decipher what’s going on and better understand what’s happening, so that she can make more informed decisions.”

How It Works

The device was created so that in a few simple steps, expectant mothers can receive real-time data via an app on their smartphone. The sensor is snapped into the disposable patch, worn securely just below the bellybutton, and then synced to a smartphone through Bluetooth technology.

The sensor works by measuring electroactivity in the uterus through electrodes on the patch. When a contraction occurs, the intensity and duration is submitted into easily read data on the smartphone app.

Courtesy: Bloomlife.com

In order to perfect the technology, the Bloomlife team gathered research and performed beta-testing with over 500 pregnant women. Research performed by their team has even been published by the Society for Maternal Fetal Health Medicine, as the development of this product provides a new, non-invasive and safe method for measuring and tracking contractions. The wearable does not transmit energy into the body, making it safer than many ultrasound technology alternatives.

With approximately 15 million premature births occurring each year, the need for an affordable and reliable way to collect data has become more relevant. According the World Health Organization, the leading cause of death for children under five years of age is due to preterm birth complications. Nearly one million deaths have been reported as a result. It is believed that three-quarters of these deaths could have been prevented through the use of “current, cost-effective interventions.”

Bloomlife provides a hopeful solution to a common issue, and this device can be a very useful tool for expectant mothers, especially those already at high-risk for complications during pregnancy.