You Can Take a Nap on a $9,000 Bed in Japan’s Newest Cafe


Japan is known for many things, including their cat cafes where you can get a side of playful kittens with your cappuccino. Now, there’s a new type of cafe making headlines in Japan — a nap cafe.

A visitor dozes at Nescafé Harajuku. Credit: mio_com/Instagram

At the nap cafe, patrons can doze off in a $9,000 bed, while soothing music and mood lighting gently cradles them to sleep. They’re served one complimentary decaf coffee before taking a nap, and are woken up to a fresh cup of coffee.

The new cafe was the result of a collaboration between Nescafé and France Bed. They opened their doors to sleepy customers on World Sleep Day, which is celebrated each year on the Friday before the March Equinox. The Nescafe shop location in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district was transformed into a limited-time napping wonderland.

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Three varieties of electric reclining luxury beds are available, totalling 10, which were provided by France Bed. Each bed comes with a smartphone-controlled mood light set to ‘relax’ mode, as well as a walkman and headphones that pump soothing music into visitors’ ears. 

This is the Bosutesso BO-08, one of the beds available in the cafe. Credit:

Customers are required to purchase at least one food item off of the cafe’s regular menu before they can snooze right into those luxurious beds. Also, each customer has a two-hour nap limit.

The nap cafe will only be open until March 26, so if you happen to be in Japan, you may want to stop for some coffee and a heavenly nap.