7 Bizarre Foods That’ll Make You Do a Double Take


Not to knock tomatoes or potatoes, but some foods are just more eye-catching. Some simply demand a double take, the same reaction as when you drive by something bizarre on the highway. You just can’t help but look. And then keep looking.

Here are 7 foods that are sure to make you pause and wonder: Are these even foods?

#1 Buddha’s Hand

You can see where they came up with the “hand” part. This citrus fruit is divided into fragrant, finger-like sections. Its roots trace back to China, where it’s common to find perfumes scented with the fruit’s aroma.

#2 Monkey Head Mushroom

Credit: Wendell Smith/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

The hairy-looking spines of this fungus may resemble a monkey’s head, but people say this mushroom actually tastes like seafood, with some comparing the flavor to crab legs.

#3 Romanesco

Think of this one as broccoli’s more artistic cousin. The natural fractal pattern mesmerizes, while the taste resembles something closer to cauliflower.

#4 Rambutan

This tropical fruit, native to parts of Southeast Asia, might confuse people who have never tried to open one. But inside that spiny, red exterior is a sweet center that some people compare to a grape.

#5 Ackee

Copyright: twiggyjam/123RF Stock Photo

Does anyone else see a face staring back? Kidding aside, don’t be lulled by the ackee’s friendly appearance. If you’re not careful, this tropical fruit can poison you. Bottom line, stay away from those black seeds — they’re toxic.

#6 Black Sapote

Credit: Imgur

Here’s another example of a fruit with an outside that looks absolutely nothing like the inside. Slicing through the bright green exterior reveals why this one’s also called the ‘chocolate pudding’ fruit. We know your next question, and the answer is yes! People say this relative of the persimmon actually does taste similar to chocolate, with a custard-like texture.

#7 Hala Fruit

Credit: Imgur

You know that school field trip, the one where you saw a whole bunch of geodes tucked away inside glass boxes? The fruit of the hala tree may trigger a flashback. All of those wedges are seed pods that combine to create one colorful display of nature when you peek inside this fruit, native to Hawaii and other tropical regions.

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