BMI Measurements Mislead Millions of Americans

A UCLA study says millions of Americans are unfairly labeled as overweight or obese due to a limited view of a person’s body mass index versus their overall health and well-being.

Birth Year May Determine Your Flu Risk

The discovery could reshape how the medical community views childhood vaccines.

Abusing Marijuana May Lead To Psychotic Disorders

Regular use of marijuana could more than triple a person’s chance of developing a psychotic disorder, a new study suggests.

Losing Weight Doesn’t Cut Certain Cancer Risks: Study

While being overweight contributes to an increased risk of cancer, research shows that weight loss does not necessarily protect you from certain types of malignancy.

Cases of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Spike in America

The number of Americans suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) could be triple what was previously estimated.

Teen Vaping Leads to Heavy Smoking: Study

Teenagers who regularly use e-cigarettes are more likely to become heavy smokers, research suggests.

Scientists Find New Way to Stop Poison Ivy’s Itch

It works by blocking an immune system protein in the skin with an antibody, which halts the process of when the brain tells the skin that it is itchy.

Pregnancy After 35 Makes Moms Mentally Sharper: Study

Having a baby after your mid-30s helps to give you better brain power as you age and protects you from memory loss, researchers say.

Untreated Infections May Lead to Child Obesity

Researchers have cast aside prevailing wisdom that antibiotic use in a child’s first year of life is predictive of later obesity.

Vitamin D Linked To Beating Breast Cancer

Researchers found that women with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood were more likely to survive breast cancer than women with lower levels.

Gut Bacteria Could Make Skin Cancer Drugs More Effective

Researchers found that people who had diverse gut bacteria were more likely to benefit from immunotherapy, a treatment used to fight cancer.

Laughing Gas for Labor Pain? It’s Making a Comeback

Almost a century after falling out of popularity, laughing gas is seeing a comeback in the United States in the delivery room.

Weight Loss Surgery Gives Bigger Heart Benefits to Women

Women who underwent weight-loss surgery were at lower risk of heart disease than men who had same procedure, according to a new study.

Women Who Reduce BPA Exposure Lose More Weight: Study

Studies show that limiting exposure to BPA products can help women experience significant weight loss.

World’s Most Venomous Snake Could Hold Key To Pain Relief

Scientists believe the blue coral snake, dubbed the “killer of killers,” might hold the key to developing powerful painkillers for humans.

Good Bacteria Can Limit E. Coli, Salmonella Infections

Health gut bacteria may block bacteria-related infections, such as salmonella and E. coli, from spreading.

Global Warming Is Threatening Wine Production

Wine drinkers may want to start rationing their daily dosage of Merlot. According to a new report, wine production has dropped due to global warming.

Nail-Biting Might Actually Be Healthy For Children

Parents who can’t get their kids to stop biting their nails might rest a easier knowing these habits could protect their youngsters against allergies.

Lack of Sunshine, Not Rainy Days, Brings the Blues: Study

Rainy day blues could be called lack of sunshine blues, according to a new study, which found that lack of sunshine is to blame for some emotional distress.

Can’t Sleep? Election Could Be to Blame

Hillary or Donald? It’s a question that’s causing Americans to lose sleep, and it’s even giving Canadians nightmares.

New Acne Research Could Lead to New Treatments

A new understanding of the root cause of acne, specifically how we house the bacteria that trigger inflammation, could help to develop new treatments.

Sunscreen Can Erase Wrinkles, Study Shows

Sunscreen is essential when it comes to protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, but it can also reverse the signs of aging.

The Sleeping Position That Could Help Fight Alzheimer’s

Sleeping on your side is a healthier position for your brain, and it reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, a study found.

Placebos Keep Pace With Some Migraine Medicines: Study

When it comes to preventing migraines in children, sugar pills may work just as well as some prescription medications, a new study suggests.

Surprise! Woman Complains of Kidney Stones, Delivers Baby Instead

A woman in Georgia had no idea she was pregnant, until she showed up at a hospital seeking treatment for what she thought were kidney stones.

Heart Attack Rankings: The Best and Worst Cities in America

Boulder, Colorado has the lowest number of adults who have experienced heart attacks. Charleston, West Virginia has the most.

Toddlers Should Take Cholesterol Tests, Study Recommends

Early cholesterol tests for your toddler could indicate whether they’re at risk for heart disease years in the future.

Doctors Prescribe Wrong Antibiotics Half the Time, Study Shows

Have you had a sinus infection recently? If so, there’s a good chance you received a non-recommended antibiotic prescription from your doctor.

Weigh Passengers Before Flights? Hawaiian Airlines Controversy Grows

Six complaints have been filed over the airline's policy of weighing passengers before they fly between Honolulu and American Samoa.

Top 5 U.S. Cities for Active, Healthy Lifestyles

Several factors, like rates of exercise and smoking, were assessed to rank the best U.S. cities for healthy lifestyles.

Real-Life ‘Rapunzel’ Has Giant Hairball Removed From Belly

A woman agonized for months over stomach problems, before realizing the culprit behind her ailments was a giant hairball in her stomach.

Gerber Adds Probiotics to Good Start Formula Line

Early childhood nutrition leader Gerber has added probiotics to its Good Start milk-based powder formula line.

Americans Taking More Probiotics, Fewer Multivitamins

One out of every two U.S. adults takes a dietary supplement on a routine basis, and a closer look behind the data reveals a number of trends.


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